Sunday, September 16, 2007

This Is Not A Wasteland (September)

A couple days prior to the art show I had my first wet dream EVER!

Sara Ford's artwork.

Donnie and my mom enjoying the awesome food made by Holly.

Soup in front of Holly's piece.

I was suprised so many people came out, Thanks for the support.

Jeff and Soup discussing Vans.

Drew and Donnie reading the journal I published, and they're still for sale...wink wink.

The wonderful Taylor Williams and her guests.

Noah and I warping at lightspeed.

The collection of portraits I did.

Thomas Berkau's paintings, well aren't they just adorable!

Eric Supil's polaroid piece.

Last minute edition of Chris Slezak's drawings, he's quite the renaissance man.

The great Troy Lee's photography, check out his website for better

A few more of my drawings.

Taylor Williams' portrait of her brother, that got nicknamed the"good" painting.

Donnie Doolittle's ink sketches.

Another by Donnie Doolittle.

I'm gonna miss Taylor while she's away but I'm glad we had a chance to do this together before she went overseas.

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