Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sweaty Black Lips

Country Mouse.

Clay is a scary driver, period.


The long and winding road to Chapel Hill.

Donnie and I walked to Angela's once we got there.

But she doesn't like pictures so I just took more of Donnie.

The Gondoliers drove the crowd mad.

Clay was WASTED after being there for maybe 3 mins but it was his birthday, I think.

Beer was consumed.

The Black Lips.

They really are one of the best live bands!

Boy we were having some fun, my feet were bleeding I danced so hard.

They killed it, best show I've seen in a long time.

Donnie and I with Old King Cole Younger.

Old fashion Sprite maker.

It was Blake's birthday too, so his baby brother came out.

By this time Clay was basically the walking birthday corpse.

Tine and Ian of the Black Lips.


Clay became the most hilarious angry drunk ever.

But he still had bursts of love and happiness through his rage.

We were.... well let's just say "HUNGRY" and waffle house did the trick.

Bug Juice?

Most surreal gas station ever, it looks like a painting.

I was so worn out, after such a wonderful advennture.

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