Wednesday, October 31, 2007

King Khan and The BBQ Show terrorize Charlotte!

The anticipation is driving me mad!

Warming up.

This sexy canadian gurl was the hostess with the mostest.

Just look at thre front row and tell me they weren't having fun.

The crowd resembled Wrestlemania XVI

I see King Khan's krotch, mhmm mhmmm.

That's one angry looking chicken.

This is where our dear friend Kelly William's sadly passed away.

Wait Kelly must be having one last spasm before his eternal sleep.

Mark Sultan aka The BBQ Show.

The naughty nurse and chicken dance.

This show was so intense from start to finish, it was absolutely incredible.

Kelly and his "Fists of Invisible Beer".

We had to introduce them to COOKOUT, they'd never had a hushpuupie.

That's a happy man named Khan.

What the hell do you want Elon?

Odd Couple:2007!

It was fun to enjoy this night with such good people.

Goodnight fellows, It was my pleasure to hang out with Mr. Kahn.
Also Goodnight, Charlotte, you really proved something tonight because
I can't imagine having such an awesome time, with such a close group of
friends, anywhere but The Milestone in Charlotte, NC.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Cocktail Party with Prince

We know how to carve, and we know how to pose.

Holly's hard work for the Cocktail Party.

Chocolate mice, best damn desert ever.

Holly in costume in front of fibers piece.


The artist formerly known as Prince.

McKinna begging the artist for a photo-op.

Group photo=everyone say Purple Rain.

Cheech brought the salad wraps.

He also brought a female friend that was on a strict veggie diet.

Vesa striking a quite mysterious pose.

I dressed up as Aladdin.

Aladdin and his magic carpets... wink wink.

I always wanted to be a skeleton hand.

I love McKinna's necklace, she got it in Denmark.

Prince being Prince and melting McKinna's panties.

Then the Prince CD went in and all hell broke loose.

That was the most fun I have ever had at a Halloween function, I usually despise Halloween and protest any form of celebrating the holiday, but this might have won me over. Holly and Liz deserve a big thank you for all of their hard work on bringing our friends together.